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Dear Sirs,

Min is the name of the ancient pharonic god of fertility.
We have established here in CAIRO, a Tourism Company that is specialized in internal tours that cover all parts of EGYPT. The Ministry of Tourism recognizes it under License No. 593 -Category (A). We are an early Member of the Tourist Chamber and The Egyptian Association of Tour Operators in Egypt as well.

We offer hotels with excellent services, buses, tourguides, domestic flights, as well as other services, and all of them are of very high quality.

We have the honor to present you our programs, hoping that it will acquire your satisfaction.

Our aim is to make it possible for everyone who likes to see EGYPT to come and have a trip where he can get acquainted with the various establishments whether ancient or modern.

We are sure that our qualified staff, together with our competitive rates, and excellent services, will enable your company to continue or start promoting EGYPT as an excellent holiday destination.

We thank you for your confidence in the past, and we are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with you. Until then, please accept our warmest greetings.

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Min Travel
Your ideal Partner in Egypt

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Min Travel

Address: 15a Ain Shams St., El Naam Sq., Cairo, Egypt

Min Travel Min Travel


We're a licensed agent & member of Ministry of Tourism & ETA

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